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Management Institute

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About ISMI

Welcome to International Strategic Management Institute

International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI) is a professional management institution duly registered under the laws of Nigeria, committed to developmental education, career management, visionary leadership and citizenship across the globe.

Our Objectives

  • To provide consulting solutions in strategic management practice and promote the knowledge, skills, cores values of strategic management theory and practice globally.
  • To provide small and medium entrepreneurial support and development, carry out researches, write and publish articles, journals, magazines, books for the advancements of strategic management theories and practices
  • To advance training and development of international proficiency and certification in strategic management practice, plan, promote and organise educational training and enlightment programs considered appropriate for the general development of strategic management skills, attitude and values.
  • Synergies with institution in educating, training, developing and issue certificates of Proficiencies in strategic management knowledge and competences.
  • To promote strategic human capital development as an instrument in strategic management process, corporate governance, career and entrepreneurial development towards the achievement of national goals. 

ISMI is responsible for:

  • Determining what standards of knowledge and skills are to be attained, by persons seeking to become registered as International Strategic Management Professionals and raising those standards from time to time as circumstance may permit.
  • Securing in accordance with the provision of the institute professional code of conduct, the establishment and maintenance of a register for members and the publication from time to time of lists of those persons. 
  • Regulating and controlling the profession in all its aspects and ramifications. 
  • Trains and retrains leaders for effective and efficient performance through; Strategic management, career development strategy, Investment strategy, marketing and communication strategy, Organization Strategy, Project & team management strategy.
  • the institution is always ready to partner with government and other stakeholders to tackle unemployment among the youths through its motivational and strategic educational programmes.


ISMI code of conduct is a declaration of all professional members in businesses and careers, which provides a framework for ethical behaviours that is acceptable by the institute in their activities.

As an international strategist, i will:

  • UPHOLD the core values of my professional membership at all times.
  • EXEMPLIFY the integrity in all behaviours and activities that will build better friendship.
  • USE my professional experience and talents to serve in the society.
  • OBSERVE and foster high ethical standards of the institute in all my business and professional affairs as an example to others.
  • RESPECT the opinion of other professional colleagues
  • PROMOTE the recognition and relevance of strategic management in all human endeavour.
  • PROVIDE opportunities for fellow professional members to work and add continuous value to human capital development for sustainable service to mankind.
  • NOT to seek from a fellow member a special privilege that is not accorded to others in professional or business relationship. 
  • ADVANCE in self value through global conference and synergies of business and professional members.
  • HONOUR the trust that fellow members provide and not to do anything that will bring disrepute, disfavour or affect adversely the image of the institute. 





   Our Vision

To create management CZARS in all field of human endeavors

  Core values

Knowledge, Integrity and Hard work.

  Our Mission

Equipping individuals and organizations with world class managerial capacity through core values and best practices


We are committed to continuous human capital development for sustainable service to mankind.