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Proficiency Courses

Introduction to proficiency courses

"in times and circumstances that are not ordinary, only the extra ordinary fits..." D.I.K

We all need strategic advantage! it begins now... do you know what gives you an edge? is your extra knowledge.
Communicating strategy is key in all career direction. Unlock your potentials to greatness as you join the strategic hero's with experiential qualifications not theoretical certificates.

In a growing economy, intellectual capital is on a very high demand and will continue to be in various sectors.

The Basic and Advanced Proficiency programs focuses in different facets of building and increasing participant's managerial capacity, making strategic decisions, developing rare skills and demands of career in management.

This opportunity is designed to expose participants to the responsibilities in corporate and world of business as renowned administrators, strategic managers and entrepreneurs.

The one day long projected credited time, will be led by experienced field facilitators drawn from valuable walks of life. All learning shall include stimulating synergy classroom sessions, case studies, panel discussions, study groups, innovations, speakers culminating in a strategy workshop during which participants will present solutions to real world cases.

We offer twelve optional proficiency avenues which runs for eight interactive hours on your selected day and date.

Enroll and participant in any of the following modules to be awarded a proficiency qualification at a very minimal cost with an uncompromizing international standard.

Available courses

Available Experiental courses on basic and advanced proficiencies

  1. Proficiency in strategic management (PSM)
  2. Proficiency in Organizatinal Strategy (POS)
  3. Proficiency in Security and safety Strategy (PSSS)
  4. Proficiency in Petroleum & Power Strategy (PPPS)
  5. Proficiency in Agricultural Economy Strategy (PAES)
  6. Proficiency in Private & Public Consulting Strategy (PPPCS)
  7. Proficiency in Human Capital Development Strategy (PHCDS)
  8. Proficiency in Public Policy & Administration Strategy (PPASS)
  9. Proficiency in Telecommunication & Marketing Strategy (PTMS)
  10. Proficiency in Strategic Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (PSLEI)
  11. Proficiency in Career Development & Investment Strategy (PCDIS)
  12. Proficiency in Educational Management & Development Strategy (PEMDS)

Course justification

Often times people want to know the benefits of a programme before their decision, yes that is very correct because the system is saturated with valueless theoretical programmes and certificates that have compromised learning standards.

ISMI Basic Advanced Proficiency Avenues, are drawn from experimental learning of International standards, with a recognition of attainable hours and credit points for job placement and promotions, Self and organizational Development, Professional & Academic pursuit. ISMI delivers regular and executive programmes at the top, middle and lower management levels aimed at equipping participants with up to date managerial tools, rare skills and competences for the best practices through group work and experimental learning method. Knowledge, we all say is power and in times that are not ordinary only the extraordinary people survive. Therefore, what makes the master different from ordinary men is the "Extra knowledge".

The act of wanting to learn and be in the knowing at all times reafffirms our intellectual and experiential values. When an individual resists change, is not committed to continuous learning, rebuffs technology and acclaims he knows it all, Failure becomes inevitable. It is a fact that knowledge is like a perishable fruit with the speed of light, where all boundaries have collapsed into one global arena, giving superiority to those who pursue values endlessly. Our competences are based on our acquired un-estimated value contents.

The proficiency programmes are flexibly structured to accommodate all person with high aspirations for unprecedented learning, mental development and seekers for rare knowledge, through a practical value adding training.

Your attainable height in your career goals or in an organization from your placement to retirement lies in your vision which is a prerequisite in today's career and business responsiveness. the training will optimally address decadence in individual and organizational poor potential rating and enhance your productivity skills with minimum cost. We honour invitations from organizations for IN-HOUSE TRAINING of their employees and Directors.

Courses strategic benefits

  1. Strategic Awareness
  2. Flexible learning system
  3. Advantage to operate in a value market
  4. Additional value offer as a strategic personnel
  5. Quality innovation and continuous improvement
  6. Gives you both professional and Academics edge
  7. Choice of Management area to acquire qualification
  8. Qualification Supports for job placement and promotions
  9. Global platform for career networking and business Success
  10. Acquire better managerial skills, competences and opportunity
  11. Qualifications are recognized with relevance to employment industries

Eligible participant/sectors

  1. Marketing & Advertising Practice sector
  2. General Management Practice sector
  3. Security & safety related Agencies
  4. Non-Governmental Organizations
  5. Self and services Providers sector
  6. Petroleum & Power sector
  7. Telecommunication sector
  8. Consulting Practice sector
  9. Manufacturing sector
  10. Governmental sector
  11. Agricultural sector
  12. Educational sector
  13. Production sector
  14. Legislative sector
  15. Financial sector

Session features

Regular session

  • Mode / Type:  Regular session
  • Each proficiency avenue cost:  10,000
  • Time frame:  8:45am - 5:00pm (Lunch break inclusive)
  • Capacity: Class intake 30 and above

Executive session

  • Mode / Type:  Executive session
  • Each proficiency avenue cost:  20,000
  • Time frame:  8:45am - 5:00pm (Lunch break inclusive)
  • Capacity: Class intake 30 and above

Payment structure

Payment type: Bank deposit

Account name: International Strategic Management Institute

Account NO: 1013770580

BANK NAME:  Zenith bank Nigeria plc.


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